Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010 costumes

The Red Queen. The crown is made from poster board and gold paint. The coat fabric was due to be thrown away by the store my mother works at, they told employees to take what they wanted. I bought the glass beads at a craft store. The shirt was hers, and the black skirt is mine. I pinned it to make it small enough to stay on her.

The card is made from the same red fabric as the red queen jacket, an old white t-shirt, and some batting. The paint brush was an old ruined one that I painted the tan paint on it red. The paint bucket was almost empty, so I used up the paint and painted red over the other color that had dripped down the side.

The Mad Hatter's hat is made from poster board and some fabric my sister picked up at a yard sale. The ribbon on the hat and around his neck is some from the store I mentioned above that was doomed to the trash. the hat pins are made from wire and glass beads, the card is tea stained to look aged, and the peacock feather came from the craft store. All of the clothes came out of our closet. The spools were just laying in my sewing box waiting for a purpose.

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