Monday, July 18, 2011

Gifts for a friend

These are a set of 4 coasters made from a deconstructed bead curtain, and placed on a cork backing. The set on the right (large wood beads) are actually trivets, on leather cording, that can be used all 3 together or separately. I found a tutorial online and made it better by treating the wood with mineral oil to prevent food stains, and for easier clean up.

Yoga mat bag

This is my yoga mat bag that I made for myself in an hour with no pattern. I just measured my mat and went from there. It is awesome and fits tight to your shoulder for carrying or bike riding to your class.

"Little Chef" hat

My son has insisted that my mom call him "Little Chef" when he cooks with her. For this very reason, and his love of cooking, I made him this "Little Chef" hat. He loves it, but often won't wear it when he cooks, because he's afraid he'll get it dirty. This cracks me up every time.

 I crocheted it, and according to my sister (who actually knows how to crochet) I made up my own stitch or did a half single or half double stitch on the top part. I have to admit I had a very vague idea of what I was doing, so I found it super awesome that it ended up looking like I thought it would.