Friday, July 26, 2013

A gift

Last weekend my grandma turned 90 years old. She is my last remaining grandparent, and has little need for much in the material world these days. She is a devoted catholic who went to church 6 days a week, until the Bishop took away the priests at surrounding churches and now has one priest servicing four different churches. I tried to think of something I could do for her, the mother of 13 children and grandmother of countless grandchildren and great grandchildren. A Rosary was the only thing I could think of that she would actually use and enjoy.

I found beads that I thought she would like, I found the two metal parts required for a rosary, and I took my spool of wire and went to work. Yes, you read that right, I made every single tiny little link in this thing by hand. (including the o-rings) It took me somewhere near 10 or 12 hours to complete. 28 figure 8 links, 59 beaded links and 4 o-rings.

When I gave it to her and told her I made it, she nearly cried and just smiled and said "how thoughtful". Then I told her that I didn't have it blessed, because I thought she would like to have that done in her own church. She just gave me a proud grin. It really made my day to see her so happy, and to see the way her face lit up when she got hugs from my kids.